Really excited to receive the diverse range of Moon fabric. The use of 100% wool creates a sense of warmth and comfort.

moon fabric


Abraham Moon fabric founded in 1837, one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain. With a reputation for quality and innovative design. Combining traditional principles with contemporary twists.

The Melton wools provide a range of colours that can be used to create a statement piece or complement other designs when used in combination. The colours range from neutrals through to vibrant colour palettes.

The Parquet pattern of striking combinations of teal, candy and rhubarb blended seamlessly into rich hues and warm neutrals. The end result is perfect for bold, contemporary interiors.

The Dale collection where the colour combinations have been inspired by the natural beauty and colour of the Yorkshire Dales. The collection is split over 2 volumes; ‘Spring’ creating subtle shades of apple, lime, raspberry and stone. ‘Autumn’ including richer combinations of damson, mulberry and walnut.

The Boutique collection, a supreme luxury fabric, woven from pure Merino Lambswool creating a naturally finer feel and softness. A contemporary collection with a mix of chalk stripes, sleek Prince of Wales checks, and stunning plaids. Luxurious colours, fuchsia and blue with striking charcoals and natural hues. Twenty first century designs fused with a touch of Savile Row tradition to bring contemporary living into every home.