Stephanie Harris Upholstery, based in Ammanford, Wales. Offering traditional and modern upholstery. Providing an upholstery service in compliance with the Furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations 1988.

As a broad guide furniture can be categorised under 2 categories.

Traditional furniture defined as furniture or furnishing produced pre 1950s.

Modern furniture defined as furniture or furnishing produced post 1950s.

The material and techniques applied to an upholstered piece vary depending on the customer’s requirements.

Traditional upholstery uses traditional material and techniques to produce furniture that is sympathetic to the age of the piece. It produces a durable, hard wearing piece that can even be passed down through generations. The material and techniques are of higher quality and the techniques are more time consuming, to create greater rewards, which is reflected in the price difference.

However where budget is limited modern techniques can be applied to traditional furniture. I also provide a modern furniture recovering service where it is economically viable.

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