Recently visited the Melin Tregwynt Mill in Pembrokeshire and I was transported back to fond memories of my childhood. Of a wet winter evening cwtching up on a comfy chair, melin tregwynt wrapped in a welsh blanket, the smell of cawl warming on the stove. To memories of my grandmother’s house with rooms not complete without a welsh blanket or two. Memories that warm your heart.

melin tregwyntThe 100% wool fabric woven on site with a thread of nostalgia. The reworked classic designs incorporating new colours to bring the fabric up to date. With the addition of the more contemporary designs that would complement any home. The tactile quality of the doublecloth blankets creates an irresistible urge to feel the quality. You would be hard pressed to find someone who did not fall in love with one of their designs.

After a walk around the mill, seeing the work involved in the creations, further enhanced my love for the fabric. The history and quality of each piece is clearly melin tregwynt millvisible on all the products on display.

So with my rekindled love for the fabric, it seems destined for the fabric to be incorporated into some of my future pieces.  After all every home needs a hint of nostalgia.